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Carpet Cleaners Sunderland

Carpet Cleaners Sunderland

We will give you the ultimate and most thorough carpet cleaning service in Sunderland...GUARANTEED!

Hot water extraction, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, low moisture cleaning and encapsulation carpet cleaning. We have all these systems at our disposal when cleaning carpets in Sunderland and utilize the most appropriate system, technique and solutions for your carpet cleaning needs.

Every professional carpet cleaning company should have all these systems....sadly they don’t.

In most cases a skilled company can use a hot water extraction system as this will provide the most thorough clean.

Every professional carpet cleaning company should also carry a large range of Top quality solutions, again we have them all.....

Child and pet safe, eco friendly, anti-allergy, Dust mite elimination, urine treatments, odour treatments, NHS Award winning anti-microbial treatments and so much more.

We also realise no two customers are the same and people have different carpet cleaning requirements, which is why we have put together Carpet Cleaning Packages, please take a look.

Here is how our standard hot water extraction package uses a 8 step process to give you beautifully clean carpets. Most of our competitors use a 2/3 step process (if you’re lucky)

1.Pre inspection and audit inc written survey.
This is absolutely essential to determine your needs and your carpet construction and fibre type. This will determine the most appropriate system, solutions and techniques needed to give you the best job ever. It will also highlight any problem areas or areas where we may need to use our advanced stain removal techniques.

Even if you have vacuumed we like to use our commercial grade vacuum cleaner, this will remove more dust, dirt, pollens, pollutants, skin cells etc than any domestic vacuum cleaner ever will.

I have already mentioned top quality pre spray solutions and our inspection will have identified the most appropriate one to use. This is now applied to your carpet and allowed to dwell, this will loosen the soils within the carpet ready for our next stages and their removal from the carpet.

4.Pre-Spray Agitation
We have a choice of machines to do this and sometime agitate by hand, again carpet type etc will decide this. Basically this step is agitating the pre-spray into the carpet this allows it to work more effectively and is essential for a thorough clean.

5.Spot and Stain Treatment
Any stains and those annoying spots are treated using specialist techniques.

6.Hot Water Extraction
This is where we bring out the big guns, one of the most powerful extraction units in the country. This is when we rinse and extract all those loosened soils, pollutants etc out of your carpets, out of your house and out of your life. Giving you a much Cleaner Healthier Home!!

Your carpets are beautifully clean and fresh, they look and feel great, lets stimulate another sense and make them smell gorgeous too. The top quality deodorisers we use not only smell great but are also anti bacterial, deodorising and saniitizing.

Your carpets are beautifully clean, smell great and your home is healthier.....job done?....not with us it isn’t. We now groom your carpets this aids in appearance and also aids drying.
That’s our 8 steps to beautifully clean carpets, now there is sometimes and often a 9th step. If necessary this is where we use industrial carpet cleaning drying fans to speed up the drying process for you. But I should point out at this point that even without using these our drying times are minimal, No Soaking Wet Carpets with us. Your carpets will at most be touch damp.

Carpet Cleaners Sunderland

carpet cleaners sunderland banner

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