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Dry Carpet Cleaning Sunderland

Dry Carpet Cleaners Sunderland

I think you will agree that In order to give you the best carpet cleaning service in Sunderland we believe it is essential to have all carpet cleaning methods and techniques at our disposal, including dry carpet cleaning and low moisture carpet cleaning.

Many of the so called carpet cleaning companies in Sunderland only have one system, that’s all they can offer you even if it is unsuitable. Not all carpets are the same and not all clients have the same needs and requirements, so here’s a little more information on our dry and low moisture carpet cleaning services.

Dry Carpet Cleaning
We will have already carried out our carpet cleaning audit and identified a dry cleaning method as being the most suitable for your carpet and/or most suitable for our clients needs and requirements.

Firstly as with any method we pre vac, this is very very important and more so with dry cleaning.

We then pre treat any spots and stains that we have identified as needing a little extra attention.

Our special dry organic compound is then applied across the carpet, this is made up of tiny micro sponges that are impregnated with our special cleaning solution. This compound is safe for children, safe for pets, safe for wool and safe for allergy sufferers.

Now to get that dry carpet cleaning compound working hard, to give you beautifully clean carpets. We do this using a machine designed for dry carpet cleaning, it is what we call a contra rotating brush machine. This works the compound and loosens the soils within your carpet from the base up. The tiny micro sponges then absorb these soils ready to be removed from your carpet.

A thorough dry extraction will now leave you with beautiful clean fresh dry carpets, ready for you to enjoy straight away.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
A very effective means of carpet cleaning and we have a few different low moisture cleaning techniques, our main one being encapsulation.

As always a thorough pre vac, followed up by pre spray application to entire carpet. An advanced encapsulation cleaning solution is usually our method of choice. I don’t want to bore you with the science behind encapsulation cleaning but be assured it’s very effective, and if you would like to know more about how it works please ask, we will quite happily talk about carpet cleaning all day.

We then use either a rotary or contra rotating brush machine to work in the solution and break down the soils within your carpet.

Specially designed carpet bonnets or dry extraction is then used to complete your clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaners Sunderland

carpet cleaners sunderland banner

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