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Stain Protection Services

Stain Guard & Stain Removal

We carry out a lot of specialist carpet stain removal work in Sunderland. Many so called carpet cleaning companies in Sunderland know nothing or very little when it comes to the art of stain removal.

Some stains can be permanent but I have lost count of the amount of times I have removed a stain that other companies couldn’t. There is a serious lack of knowledge, skills and know-how in the Sunderland area and a large number of splash and dash cowboys.

If we can’t remove it no one can!

That is my guarantee to you.

Stainguard Application
This is a very popular service we offer, a stainguard treatment will provide a barrier that is invisible to the eye and to the touch. It will help protect the surface from spills by stopping the liquid from absorbing into the carpet or suite long enough to give you time to blot up the spill before any permanent damage is done.

You have spent alot of money on your carpeting and furnishings, it makes sense to protect them and prolong their lifespan.
We can show you a demonstration of this on a sample to show you the benefits of this treatment.
And as always we will give real honest advice, if we don’t think you will benefit from this we will say so.

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Recent Client Comments

“Fantastic! I really thought we would have to replace the carpet......Thank You!”

Mr & Mrs Price Sunderland Mr & Mrs Price Sunderland

Friendly and reliable service I would recommend to anyone. Professional result that left my carpets looking brand new. Service with a...

Mrs Kell Sunderland Mrs Kell Sunderland

Thank you for cleaning my rugs last week. You did an excellent job removing all the spots.

Keep up the good work and if you would...

Diane Sunderland Diane Sunderland

My wife and I just wanted to let you know that not only were we happy with the job that you did on the carpets in our home, we really...

John Ward Sunderland John Ward Sunderland

Stain Protection Services

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New carpet or suite?
As well as applying to freshly cleaned items we can also apply to new carpets and upholstery. This is an ideal time and makes perfect sense after spending all that money.
Often retailers will try and sell you stainguard protector when you buy your carpets or suite, very often a poor protector, applied badly and at an inflated cost
Well let me tell you....

We apply the market leading stainguard protector, we apply it professionally (as per industry standards) and...........we supply and apply it at less cost!!

Call now for FREE honest advice and a no obligation quotation.

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